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Name: Lynda Dillman


Dear Friend,

Recycling has caught on with a lot of people as the years go by. Well, now there’s another way to recycle that may seem unconventional at first, but it can save you money down the road. Plus, you get to help out the environment at the same time!

Recycling by composting with worms is something that is different for a lot of people. You can do that by making your own worm farm.

You’re probably thinking, “Why in the world would I want to create a worm farm?” Well, worm farming for a lot of people is considered a hobby. However, when they find out the benefits that come with doing it, they get pumped up and really get serious about it. More people are embracing green living and are seeing the results. So, why don’t you join them?

Worm farming can show you a new way of enriching soil. And if you are a plant lover, you can use the soil with your plants so they will be healthy. In addition to that, you can use the compost in your garden.

Do you want to know why this is a good concept? Because when you mix the compost with the soil, you end up with an organic mixture. People know that organic items are better for you than those with all of those toxins.


The Benefits Of Worm Farming...

 Setting up a worm farm doesn't require that much space thus anyone can own a worm farm even in apartment houses.

 It only needs about 10 mins per week on maintaince and it can be setup indoors or outdoors, it's all up to you.

 Worm farms are odor free which means your worm farm will not produce bad smells.

 It's an activity that anyone can undertake giving knowledge to children on how to care for the environment.

 It's a great way of recycling household waste into a great fertiliser helping in a more clean environment.

 Your worm farm will help in reducing global warming because worm farms release no greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.!

 Owning a worm farm you will also be producing worm tea (the liquid worm castings) which is an organic fertilizer and natural pest repellent.

 The surplus of compost worms or earthworms help improve your garden soil the natural way, not forgetting big fat fishing worms.

 Since you will be producing your own compost you'll find yourself saving a lot of money from buying fertilizers and pesticides.

 You can easily turn your worm farm into a profitable worm composing business for extra income.

As you see there are lots of benefits as to why one would want to start their own worm farm. When done right worm farming can be very rewarding and can bring some good profits as well. But it is very important that you know what you are doing when starting out because you can easily make costly mistakes.

Weather you want to learn how to recycle your waste or just want to master the art of producing quality compost, having the correct information is needed to start your new hobby. Without information we would all be floundering in the dark. Knowing where and how to start with worm farming will prevent your venture from becoming a disaster, so keep on reading...


Now How Can You Get It All In One Place?

If you want simple, easy read information on producing quality natural compost and enjoy all the benefits of owning a worm farm, all in one place, finally there's now a complete guide to successful worm farming.



Worm Farming For Beginners

The How To Make A Warm Farm Ebook

If you want to learn how to create your own quality organic soil and use it when you need to, this guide, “Worm Farming For Beginners”, has all that you need to know about worm farming and how it relates to green living.

A worm farm is a good small project particularly for people who love gardening. A tiny container converted into a farm can fit a small apartment or house which makes it even perfect.

The casting or vermicast manufactured from worm farming or vermicomposting is a good fertilizer.

When used in flower beds, you can expect to have flowers blooming earlier this year. If used in vegetable patches, expect tastier and better looking vegetables at harvest season.

Using the compost with worms will help you to have a better quality of soil because of the castings that come from the worm. Organic soil is of high quality and you won’t have to concern yourself with those unfamiliar toxins if you were to use regular soil.

Here is a breakdown on what you will learn inside this guide...

 Get A Introduction To Worm Farming And Its Benefits

 How To Be Successful With Your Worm Farm

 Items You Need to Create a Worm Farm

 The Kind Of Worms You Can Use (Not Just Any Worms Will Do)

 Learn How To Design Your Worm Farm

 The Kind Of Container You Need To Set It Up

 What Is Bedding And What Is Used To Make It

 What Kind Of Waste Is Prohibited From Putting In The Compost

 Why You Cannot Use Glossy Paper For The Bedding

 Learn How Composting Affects Fruits And Vegetables.

 Get A Deep Explanation On Vermicomposting 

 Why Compost Piles Should Not Have A Lot Of Moisture.

 What Aeration Does In Relation To The Worm Farm And The Compost Pile.

 Why You Need Oxygen For The Worm Farm.

 Why You Need A Balance Of Nitrogen And Carbon.

 How To Setup Small And Large Scale Worm Farms

 Food And Feeding 

 How The Worm Population Is Controlled

 Worm Farming Issues And How To Deal With Them

 Other Things You Can Do With Compost

 How To Start A Worm Farm Business 

 The Only Resources You Need 

 And So Much More!


It's All About Worm Farming!

Worm farming for compost production plays a big part of the green living concept. It is part of the recycling method when the worms are consuming the organic waste.

The compost when complete can also be used as fertilizer for plants and gardens. Since this is an organic mix, you don’t have to concern yourself with pesticides and other chemicals that would affect your plants and gardens.  


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Worm Farming For Beginners!"


"My Wormery Referral Guide"

Lynda, when I came across your site I was just looking for ways to help save our environment and never knew anything about worm farming and its benefits. To me it was an amazement that there was such a thing as worm faming.

To cut my story short, I decided to get a copy of your ebook so I can start my own worm farm and its been fun setting it up. When I need guidance on something I just refer to your guide.

My kids are so excited about it that everyday after school they go take a look and feed the worms. Its become a new hobby in my family.

Once the compost is really we going to use it in our garden as fertilizer because of its richness.


Thank you! Rose Fatima


"I'm Ready To Start My Wormery"

Hi Lynda,

In response to your feedback email, all I can say for now is that I'm ready to start my wormery in the next couple of weeks. I don't think there anything missing now.

You ebook has all the information I need to get started. I'm currently getting the required equipment needed to start on this hobby just like what you said in your guide. And everything will be available in spring.


Have a great day! Mrs Reyes.


"Just What I Needed"

I'm just emailing you to let you know that I've finally setup my worm farm with the help of your ebook.

You ebook was just what I needed because it tells me everything I need to know about starting and maintaining a wormery, as well as lots of information about the little wrigglers themselves.

As a beginner I can't imagine how it would be like setting up a worm farm without guidelines, it would be a disaster. As a complete beginner you ebook made me feel much more confident."


Thanks, Lucille Willthrope.


Many People Don't Know Where To Start!

Don't be one of those people who spend a fortune in getting guidance. Don’t delay! Your ticket to frugal green living is here and waiting for you to download.  So go ahead and get this detailed guide so that you can be on your way to quality green living for your home!

The good thing about this is you can learn how to create a worm farm at a low cost. You don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars to start with this project.

That would defeat the purpose of the green living concept. The green living concept is about saving money while having a quality life at the same time. Not only will you change the quality of life for yourself, you will also change the quality of life for those worms that are helping you create quality soil.

That's not all because when you get your copy of "Worm Farming For Beginners" you will also receive.......  

 Free Bonus #1

The Organic Gardener's Composting Ebook

 The Gardener's Composting

Practical Guide To Different Methods Of Garden Composting

Compost is made of rich organic matter, which is crucial to growing healthy and fruitful plants. It is the result of a natural process of decay and recycling of materials such as leaves and twigs.

In every corner of the world, in every meadow, forest and wetland composting is taking place. By copying this process, our plants will reap the benefits also.

The major benefit of compost is that it binds water and nutrients in reserve, freeing them when plants need it the most.

It holds double its weight in water, hence cutting back the need to water and increasing a plants capacity for our dry months.

Utilizing compost is an inexpensive way to better the soil. Compost cuts the need to fertilize since it's rich in plant nutrients and slowly discharges them over time. And by not having to replace plants every year and the costs connected with plants that die because of poor soils.

It doesn't make any difference if your soil is sandy, clay, or rock; adding compost will improve it.

Here's What You'll Learn From This Guide:

 Discover the numerous benefits of making garden compost.

 The fertilizing value of compost 

 Nutrients in the compost pile  

 Composting for the food gardener

 The steps to making humus        
 Evaluating nitrogen content      

 Making and using complete organic fertilizer

 The superior value of indore compost
This is a complete guide to home composting and fertilizing gardens organically using the compost from your worm farm. Plus so much more!


Free Bonus #2  

Organic Gardening

How To Grow Your Own Healthy Organic Garden.

As you know that compost is good for fertilizer in your garden. The compost your worms produce can be used to create your own organic garden.

With this comprehensive ebook, “Organic Gardening for Beginners”, you can learn nearly everything you need to know about organic gardening without the use of chemicals or other harmful substances!

Organic gardening isn’t a new age science. What it can be, though, is a new way of looking at the way you feed yourself and your loved ones!

It’s all really quite simple. Learn about organic gardening the simple way - with this amazing ebook!

There are many things that organic gardening can give you.

 The satisfaction of growing your own food.

 The knowledge that you are eating all-natural foods with no health risks attached.

 The confidence that you are doing everything you can do to protect the environment.

 The peace that comes with providing your family with pure foods that cannot harm them.

 And so much more!

And this ebook can set you on your way to having a healthy organic garden! This ebook is like no other guide to organic gardening.

We’ll give you over 45 pages jam packed with the information you need to not only get started with your organic garden, but how to keep that garden thriving for years!


Free Bonus #3  

 Greenhouse Growing

How To Grow Plants In Your Own Greenhouse

If gardening is your hobby, greenhouse growing will interest you. 

With a greenhouse, you can have the earliest tomatoes and salad greens all year. 

You can also start seedlings for the main garden early in the spring when outdoor temperatures would kill them. 

Learn how to grow plants in your own greenhouse can be a good investment. Because you can grow different types of vegetable all year long even if its off season.

  Here's What You'll Learn From This Guide:

 Discover the numerous benefits of greenhouses.

 How to start growing in your greenhouse immediately!
 All the different types of tools and materials needed to be successful.
 Determine what framing you need for your greenhouse in your climate.
 Learn the difference between hot, warm & cool greenhouses.
 How to properly water your greenhouse plants.

 Find out the largest vegetables that will need the most spacing in your greenhouse.
You will also know of the specific vegetables that will need the most spacing in your greenhouse, and so much more!

How Much Is That Worth To You?

You can have all the information in one neat package for only $37.00. This all inclusive guide will explain in simplified terms all the questions that have eluded you.

Don’t you want to stop paying retail prices for soil and fertilizer? Don’t you want something that can work for you and is a healthier method? Just think, no more going to the home improvement store or the nursery to pay those higher prices for soil and fertilizer. You can save money by creating it in the comfort of your own home.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an easy reference guide downloaded on your computer so that you can click and read what you need to know about. The advantage of an ebook is that it takes up no shelf space, it is easily emailed or you can put it on a memory stick and read it anywhere.

All wrapped up in one little package and the time saved doing the research is done for you. You just click, read, learn, and apply the knowledge to make you and the autistic person in your life happier and safer. 

You won’t find an ebook like this anywhere else, especially for just $37.00. In fact, I'm so sure you’ll be happy with this ebook that I give you an amazing guarantee!


 My Huge, Risk-Free 3-Month, 100%
Money-Back Guarantee


90 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

If in 3 months the guidelines in my ebook don't help you setup and successful worm farm and produce your own compost simply send me an email and I'll cheerfully refund 100% your money.

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If You Serious About Starting A Worm Farm
Then This Is Your Guide!

Setting up a worm farm is an interesting and a very simple project to do. With the correct materials and if thorough instruction guide, you can begin harvesting compost in a few days.

A worm farm is ideal for people who close to want to recycle food scraps but have no time at all or space to set up and look after a big compost bin. This is the reason why worm farming is also perfect for people who live in apartments or relatively small houses and who loves plants.


"Had Done Lots of Researching"

I just wanted to let you know that before I decided to get your ebook I had done a lot of researching and downloading the information I had got, but it was just not coming together, I still had a lot of questions unanswered. 

All the question I had on worm farming are where in your ebook, like the right way to setup the container and the right waste to use on the worm farm.

Right now I've got a home composting worm farm and I'm recycling my waste. I feel so proud that I'm putting a hand in helping save the environment.

I'm now setting up space in my backyard so I can start on organic gardening using your bonus guide on organic gardening.


Thank You! Julie Tomson


Nothing, Absolutely Nothing, Is Left Out!

Worm farming is a good small project but how would it work as a billboard endeavor? Well as reported by the business directory, worm farming is a great viable business if you know what you're doing that is. Commercial worm farming involves breeding, selling and transportation worms and casting to clients.

There's quite a load of work although you're using small little wrigglers. Sales of worms alone can reach at least $2,000 a month if you market your produce sufficiently. This ebook also covers that and more. Click below to get your copy.


Today Only $37 

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Author of Worm Farming For Beginners

P.S. I truly want you to be as confident as I am about this wonderful eBook. If you're not 100% completely satisfied with your purchase, I will issue a full refund no questions asked. All I ask is that you read the manual, try the methods, and if you do not learn..if you are not completely happy...then just shoot me an email and we'll get the issue resolved promptly or issue a full refund, whichever you like most!

But the fact of the matter is, you will never have to worry about requesting a refund.

Why? Because once you read the manual, and start growing wonderful plants for your home, family and friends. You'll be so happy to see the smile your new gifts bring that you'll know your purchase was a wise investment.

"The Next Step Is Yours"! Don't waste anymore of your time, If you want to know everything about starting a worm farm then don't let this guide pass you by. Simple click below and add this guide to your cart. Stop searching for incomplete information about worm farming by getting your copy today! 


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I understand that this ebook will help me successfully start a worm farm at a low cost and start living green.

And I understand that by making a one time investment I will receive the following living green ebooks:

Worm Farming For Beginners - Which is a step by step ebook that will guide me on how to start my own worm farm and create quality soil which I can use to grow healthy plants.

The Gardener's Composting - This home composting ebook shows me how to garden using the compost produced from my worm farm.

Organic Gardening For Beginners - This ebook shows me how to garden without the use of chemicals or other harmful substances so I can grow healthy organic vegetables.

Greenhouse Growing - This ebook will guide me on how to properly setup a greenhouse which I will use to grow different types vegetables all year round.

To get instant access to this information simply click below and make a one-time Investment.

You will then be redirected to the secure members area where you will get immediate access to download your "Worm Farming For Beginners" guide plus the 3 living green bonus guide! Another copy will be sent to your e-mail inbox.

T hi s Disco un t Price Is Only For a F e w D a ys, So Get Your Copy Now!


[Option 1] - How To Make A Worm Farm

- How To Make A Worm Farm

- The Gardener's Composting

- Organic Gardening For Beginners

- Greenhouse Growing

Today Only $24.95

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[Option 2] - How To Make A Worm Farm

- How To Make A Worm Farm

- The Gardener's Composting

- Organic Gardening For Beginners

- Greenhouse Growing

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Is it hard to setup a worm farm?

It's easy and inexpensive to build a homemade worm farm and it can reap benefits for the garden. Worms produce rich compost that can enrich garden soil or brew into a compost tea.

Is there return investment in worm farming?

Worm farming is unlikely to make you very rich, but with a little entrepreneurial vision and some aptitude for marketing, vermiculture can definitely save you money and could also provide a useful steady income for you.

How many worms do you need to begin worm farming?

We recommend you purchase a minimum of 1,000 compost worms to give your worm farm the best start.